Our mission at Security Alliance is to combine the strengths of traditional and cyber security to enhance the safety of our mwmbers and communities. We aim to raise awareness and impart knowledge about the potential threats and effective protective measures to individuals, fostering a culture of awareness and readiness.


Our vision is to create a world where every individual is empowered with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves digitally and non-digitally. We strive to be a free and open (re-)source in the security landscape, pioneering innovative strategies that seamlessly integrate traditional and cyber security for the safety of individuals, families and communities.


Access to Information

Access to information is essential for y/our decision-making. It provides the basis for comprehensive studies and informed decisions in personal, corporate, or governmental contexts. It also promotes transparency, accountability, and participation in a democratic society, fostering informed citizens and a just society.

Digital Security

Grasping data protection and digital security fundamentals is vital in our digital age. Mismanaged personal data can lead to severe issues like identity theft and financial fraud. Knowing these basics empowers individuals to make smart decisions about their online information sharing and protection. Likewise, a basic understanding of digital security shields devices from cyber threats such as viruses and malware, safeguarding personal and financial data.

Personal Security

Personal security now has strong ties to our online activities. The digital world mirrors our physical one, carrying with it various threats such as cyberstalking, online harassment, and identity theft. Understanding these threats, practicing safe online behaviour, and knowing how to respond to incidents are key to ensuring our personal safety. We must remember that our online actions can have tangible real-world consequences, impacting our personal security.

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